I read a post today about Ms. Kymberly Wimberly having to share an academic Valedictorian award at McGehee High School after what seems to have been some debate over splitting hairs in district rules about additional course work not being considered in the overall evaluation of GPA's.

Having read the article it seems to me that the extra courses were a smoke screen for the real issue.  A student especially one who bore a child while still in school who has excelled for years is being unfairly treated.

I am caucasian from South Carolina and I am wondering when we will out live the shame of putting minorities down. 

This little girl and mother deserves the best in us as  Americans not the worst.  I say to Kymberly congratulations for your academic achievements, motherhood and your personal efforts in life.

You obviously aspire to excellence, a trait all young people should adopt.  Wishing you all the best that life offers without prejudices.

Richard & Billie Brown

Greenville, SC

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