“I was your puppy.  I was the cutest thing that you had ever seen and you just had to have me.  You knew I would chew on things, and when I did, you whipped me instead of getting me my own chew toy.  You beat me because I growled when the kids in the house dragged me around by the ear or hit me.  When I heard a strange noise and barked or growled because I thought I was protecting you, you yelled at me.  I started growing up and got too big for the house, so you put me outside on a chain with no shelter or water, and when you fed me, you just poured some dry dog food on the ground.  When it rained, I lay in a hole that I had dug and I got in trouble then for digging.  Finally, you just got sick of me, loaded me up in the car, and put me out.  I roamed the streets looking for food, and if it meant tearing open a garbage bag, that’s what I did.  All I ever wanted was a home and a loving family.”

Saturday, I got the chance to see just a few of the things that Paws & Claws does for the animals in their shelter.  I was humbled.  I saw the needs that this organization had and I think we all need to find a way to help them.  It does not have to be monetary.  It can be a donation of food, lodging, or even time.  Instead of taking the family out to eat and a movie, stay home, rent a Red Box movie, cook a frozen pizza, make your own popcorn, and donate the money that you saved to Paws & Claws.  Instead of sending flowers to someone “Just Because”, send a donation to Paws & Claws and that person will receive a card saying a donation has been sent “In Honor Of” them.  The money you send helps to spay and neuter and get these animals ready for adoption.  Adoption is easy.  These are not pedigree puppies that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on, but instead, for a little of nothing, you get a lifetime companion who will sit by your side and look at you with those soulful eyes, and let you know that they belong to you.

I truly believe that dogs have souls and that they go to Heaven.  I know that they understand the human language because I tell my dogs every day that I love them.  All of my dogs were either given to me or were strays.  Buddy was given to us.  Ginny Bale and Lulu both escaped from the pound and came to the gin in search of me, and BaeBae was rescued from an uncaring family next door to me.  I also have two grandpuppies, Bert and Nico, who were rescued in Little Rock.  I love my pets unconditionally and I thank God every day for placing them in my life.

To Melinda French, Amanda Pambianchi, Tammy Culverhouse, Rachel Freeze, and all the others, thank you so much for what you do.  You give so freely of your time and your hearts to make the lives of these creatures better.  We are so lucky to have the Paws & Claws organization and it is because of people like you who make it a success.

Please join me in making a pledge to help this worthy cause and make it possible to continue to provide food and shelter until a loving home can be found, and please take time out to go to the shelter and look at these dogs and pick out one to give a loving home to.

Please send donations to: Paws & Claws Humane Society, P.O. Box 975, McGehee, AR 71654

Donations of food or other items can be dropped off at the Desha Veterinary Hospital.

Thank you for your help.

Donna Watts

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